Most Common Back Pain Problems That Stop You Doing What You Love

Over the many years that I have been seeing back pain sufferers in Houston, there are certain issues that I treat more than others.

Everyone is different and has their own experience when it comes to back pain. But the most common problems I encounter as the leading back pain expert in Houston, are sciatica and hamstring tightness.


Sciatica is possibly the most extreme form of back pain that you can experience, and it has the potential to leave you unable to walk or even get out of bed.

You probably have been told the same advice over and over again – that you need to rest and take painkillers while waiting for it to pass. But that just means that you are laid in pain for far longer than you need to be, without the root cause being addressed.

Hamstring Tightness

The hamstrings are a group of muscles that run down the back of the leg that support bodily movements, including walking, running, and jumping.

Tight hamstrings can affect all of these movements and limit mobility in all aspects of your life.

They can feel stiff and less flexible, which can cause pain elsewhere in your body, such as your back, and increase the risk of injury all over your body.