“Are You Struggling With Unbearable Sciatica And Desperate For It To End?”

Just because you are suffering from sciatica, it doesn’t mean that it is something you should accept in your day to day life.

If you’ve tried to get help in the past, you’re probably tired of hearing the same advice of taking pain pills, resting, and hoping it goes away.

But, as you probably know, this can lead to the problem actually getting worse and more frequent.

That is why my expert team and I are here, to help relieve your sciatica with our scientifically backed methods that get you back to living life to the fullest.

What Causes Sciatica, and Why Is It So Common?

Sciatica is one of the most extreme forms of back pain. It is a condition that can cause debilitating pain, along with tingling and numbness down the legs, and can be a terrifying experience for many.

It can leave you incapacitated in bed and halt your life for weeks at a time.

For most sufferers of sciatica, it will come and go in waves, with the most intense pains lasting 4 to 6 weeks. However, for some, it can strike multiple times in a year, meaning it completely takes over their lives.

Why You Haven’t Been Able To Cure Your Sciatica Before?

If you have been suffering from a herniated disk or sciatica then you probably feel like you are trapped going around in circles with the same advice from doctors when it comes to your pain.

You’re told that you need to rest and wait for it to pass, but maybe that means you’re losing out on a week or two of work or missing activities you love.

And then you repeat that cycle every whenever you have a flare-up. If that sounds familiar then I am here to tell you, as the leading sciatica expert in Houston, that what you’re doing isn’t working because they are short-term answers to a long-term question!

What you really need is the type of long-term fast-acting pain relief that my expert team and I are able to provide you.

How Can You Treat Sciatica Without Pills Or Surgery?

Despite what you have heard, your only solution for your sciatica isn’t to just rest or wait it out, and the answer is definitely not injections or surgery!

I get that you may be skeptical that you can fix your sciatica without the need for painkillers or surgery, but after over two decades of treating sciatica sufferers, I know that you need an approach that treats the root cause of your problem.

When you come to see me and my expert team, you are given the time to explain your unique situation, which is something very different from what you will have experienced in the past.

How Can You Find Out More About Treating Your Sciatica With Leading Expert Derrick Allen?

There are 3 options to address your sciatica that are completely free and can help you get started today.

Firstly, you can download the Free Back Pain Report which contains expert guidance and powerful tips to reduce back pain and sciatica quickly and naturally.

For more personalized advice, you can speak to me or my team directly in a Free Telephone Consultation or a Free Discovery Visit.

Whether you prefer to speak to an expert from the comfort of your own home or would prefer to visit our clinic, both options allow you to share your story, and get tailored advice on how to get fast, long-term relief from sciatica.