Dr. Payel Banik is the leading Back Pain Expert in Houston, and is renowned for her track record at delivering fast, natural pain relief, and helping people feel young, confident and full of energy like they used to.

Dr. Payel Banik’s expertise have allowed her to help many people avoid pills, surgery and injections by providing natural relief for back pain and sciatica.

Stretch Therapy Specialist

Through her many years of experience as a Functional Movement Specialist & Integrative Stretch expert, Dr. Payel Banik has worked for, worked with & consulted numerous clients, industry professionals, private clubs, as well as national fitness & wellness companies introducing, developing & implementing Integrative Stretchology Solutions.

PHD Student

As well as already having over 20 years of experience and expert knowledge, Dr. Payel Banik is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine Practices from The Quantum University in Hawaii.

Trained countless fellow professionals

Because of her expert knowledge and two decades of experience when it comes to stretch therapy, Dr. Payel Banik has trained countless fellow professionals in the techniques of integrated stretch therapy so that many more women can experience its benefits no matter where in the country they are.

Working with board certified physician

Dr. Payel Banik works closely at Osteopathic Healing Hands. Together they have managed to build a unique integrated stretch therapy program that incorporate Osteopathic healing techniques to get you back to living your life the way you want it quicker and with long lasting results.

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