Immediate Relief For Sciatic Pain Without Painkillers

Have you been suffering from agonizing sciatica pain and you're hopeless?

Does your sciatica stop you from doing hobbies, sports, or even working and spending time with your loved ones?

I appreciate how saddening and frustrating it is when you can't do the things you used to do every single day.

There are things you can do to improve your sciatica pain using natural remedies.

If this sounds like you, then you should read this blog to find out how to get immediate relief for sciatica pain without resorting to painkillers, injections, or dangerous surgery.

Things To Try For Immediate Relief For Sciatica Pain

Whether you've been suffering from sciatica for weeks, months, or even years, there are treatments that can still fix your back pain.

It's easy to just try the pain medication that your doctor prescribed you and wait for the pain to go away. Sadly, this rarely works.

Sciatica is the most painful back pain and usually last long if not treated properly. Taking a pill won't magically solve your problem, treating sciatica is more complex than that and requires your work and effort.

Here are a few things you can do to get immediate relief for sciatic pain.

3 Best Tips For Immediate Relief For Sciatic Pain

Ice And Heat

I know it's difficult to find time for things, especially when all you can think of is your agonizing sciatica pain and how it stops you from working or taking care of your children.

However, if you want to ease your pain and get immediate relief from sciatica pain, then it's worth sparing some time in the evening while you're watching TV or relaxing with the family, and applying ice or heat to your back pain.

Ice works great for pain relief as it increases your blood circulation and reduces redness and swelling. However, it's usually best for acute injuries.

Heat on the other hand is great for long-term and chronic pain, so if you apply heat to your back pain you should get immediate relief for sciatica pain as heat relaxes your stiff muscles and joints.

When applying heat or ice to your back pain, make sure you wrap an ice pack or warm bottle in a towel before you apply it to your pain area. This will protect you from extreme temperatures that could irritate your skin.

Massage Therapy 

Another thing you can try for immediate relief for sciatic pain is massage therapy.

Massage therapy can give you instant relief as it relaxes your stiff joints and muscles.

While it usually takes more than one session to feel a big difference, it can help relieve the symptoms of sciatica.

However, even the best massagist won't be able to cure your sciatica as well as a physical therapist, so this should not be your only resort but an addition to another treatment for immediate relief for sciatica pain.

Massage therapy can be costly, but it is a good start for relieving your back pain.

Profiled Mattress And Pillow 

While massage therapy or physical therapy can help you improve and heal your sciatica, you need to focus on maintaining good health.

If you're sleeping on a cheap mattress that's uncomfortable and makes your back pain hurt more in the mornings, then you can't expect the results of massage or physical therapy to last long.

It's important to do everything you can to improve your sciatica and sleeping on a bad mattress will not give you immediate relief for sciatica pain.

It is worth investing in custom-made and profiled pillows and mattresses that will reduce your pain rather than hurt you more.

The Fastest Way For Immediate Relief For Sciatica Pain 

Whether you've suffered from sciatica for weeks, months, or years, there is a way to help you and give you immediate relief for sciatic pain as well as permanent recovery so you can get back to enjoying your life full of activities.

I understand how tired you are of taking different pain medications and going to massage therapists. Maybe you even tried physical therapy but it did not bring expected results.

At Osteopathic Healing Hands we do things differently. We look at your problem holistically and find the root cause of your sciatica pain rather than just treating symptoms.

If you're tired of your sciatica pain and you want it to stop, we offer several free resources to start with.

You can download our free advice report to find out how women in Houston got rid of their sciatica pain and got back to doing all the activities they love.

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If you are a little hesitant and you're not sure of how we can help and give you immediate relief for sciatica pain, then we offer a free telephone consultation where you can ask us anything you're not clear on.

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The last option is to book a free discovery visit at our clinic where you can meet the team, see the facilities, and speak to one of our experts about your back problem and we can take it from there.

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The most important thing is to choose one option now before it's too late and the pain completely changes your life.

You deserve a chance at a better quality of life.

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