“Are You Suffering With Hamstring Tightness Even Though You’ve Been Resting Them And Trying To Mask The Problem With Pills?”

Over the years of treating back pain sufferers in Houston, I know that hamstring tightness is often a common condition that often coincides.

But with my natural and proven methods, I have seen how fast results can come when the right strategies are in place.

A big problem is that you tried to rest, reach for that bottle of pills, and avoid the activities you love.

But rarely does this work long-term for easing back pain or hamstring tightness, and in fact, it often leads to more problems, not less.

My approach is tailored to your needs and for many women has led to incredible results that allow people who’ve suffered from hamstring tightness for years to feel mobile, flexible, and like their younger selves.

What Causes Hamstring Tightness, And Why Is It So Common?

Tightness in your hamstring can be caused by just general wear and tear, but more often than not it is caused by extensive exercise, incorrect warming up, or other intense activities.

Not only can it make it uncomfortable for you to sit at work, or just generally move about, but the tightness in your hamstrings can also lead to back pain that makes it difficult for you to live the life you want to.

But don’t worry, with the help of integrated stretch therapy we are able to ease the original pain and give you the education to keep it away for longer.

Why You Haven’t Been Able To Cure Your Hamstring Tightness Before?

You may have not been able to cure your hamstring tightness before because you might have been focusing on your lower back because that’s where the pain is. But there is a good chance that tight hamstrings are the root cause of that lower back pain!

Because the two are connected it can sometimes become hard to tell and other places may focus on your lower back as that’s where you are feeling the pain, but I have seen countless patients through the years that were experiencing lower back pain who were unable to get rid of it.

But because I knew that hamstring tightness can lead to lower back pain and worked that area first they were able to see amazing results and get back to what they love doing.

How Can You Treat Hamstring Tightness Without Pills Or Surgery?

Maybe you have tried to relieve your hamstring tightness before and are now being told that your only option is to pop some pills and deal with it, or maybe even surgery has been suggested for you.

But neither of these is the answer!

With the help of integrated stretch therapy with an osteopathic influence, along with my 20 years of knowledge and experience, we have been able to get many women who were able to feel like a completely new person with natural and science-based methods that kept them away from the surgeon’s table and that bottle of pills.

How Can You Find Out More About Working With Payel Banik ….?

I understand trying something new can be scary, but there is no better time than NOW to find relief and fix your hamstring tightness with my proven and natural methods.

To get started you can download a copy of my Free Back Pain Report which is packed with expert advice to help you get fast, natural relief.

If you prefer a more human touch, you can either arrange a Free Telephone Consultation with me, or you can arrange a Free Discovery Visit where you can come in and meet me and my expert team face to face and give us the rundown on what is causing you problems.